Beamia IPL Hair Removal Honest Review, Tested 2023

Beamia IPL Hair Removal Honest Review, Tested 2023

IPL Hair Removal devices can vary heavily in prices, but Beamia IPL Hair Removal is one of the most economical IPL devices on the whole Laser hair removal market that we have tested and reviewed.

In this review, we break out the Features, pros & cons, and more deep in-person information on the Beamia IPL Hair Removal device.

But before going that deep, do you think we’re qualified to provide information on any IPL & Laser Hair Removal devices? Yes, we are, and this is why:

Why you should Trust Us?

As Philips Lumea Experts, you might think we aim at reviewing Philips Lumea products only, but that’s half true and half false.

We also like to check competition, check other devices, compare those devices/competitors with the famous Philips Lumea IPL devices, and then provide you with a conclusive review of our research.

Therefore, Amazon reviews, Walmart reviews, ANY customer reviews website that has 10 words written on the Beamia, we’ve been there, read through those reviews carefully, isolated the “paid reviews”, and provided you with this awesome Beamia IPL Hair Removal Review.

Our Testing on Beamia IPL Hair Removal

Our team carried out a complete test of the device for a long period of months, based on a number of aspects, the most important of which are the speed in obtaining results, the number of flashes, ease of use, and others. We tested it with women who are experts in the field of IPL home laser hair removal to make sure that we provide a complete and detailed review based on real experience.

What is Beamia IPL Hair Removal?

Beamia is an IPL Hair Removal Device, that enjoys an economical price & nearly unlimited number of flashes, making it as durable as any woman would like her Laser or IPL hair removal device to be.

Beamia has been on the market for nearly 3 years already, as it was introduced to the IPL market by November 2018.

However, if we’re talking prices, reducing the price of a product usually leads to some level of inefficiency at one or more of the main features of the device. Did that occur with the Beamia? let’s find out.

Before entering the features’ sector, you should know if this product suits your skin tone and hair color.

Bemiea IPL Hair Removal works well on lighter skin tones and brown-to-dark hair colors. It doesn’t suit dark brown and black skin nor the light hair types.

Beamia IPL Hair Removal

Beamia IPL Hair Removal Benefits

This is the main part of our Beamia IPL Hair Removal Review, because this is where we gather the main aspects of the device, what it provides, what it fails to provide, with at a 100% unbiased rate.


Clinical hair removal sessions are pricey, and top-tier at-home hair removal devices are expensive as well, but less expensive than clinical sessions -of course-.

but, when it comes to Beamia hair removal device, it’s as economical as an IPL can be.

You can rarely find any IPL hair removal device that can compete with the price of a Beamia device.

However, let’s keep the detailed price for a separated section in our review, and just agree that this device is as economical as any man or woman would like their IPL device to be.


As we surfed through the hundreds of reviews of the device, it showed that those who followed the detailed instructions written in the user-manual, found out that the device is completely safe and comfy as well.

However, Before September 2021, Beamia had a specific page on, that had the device alongside around 250-300 customer reviews by then.

But, by October 2021, the page was removed, which raises questions on the device, its availability, or its safety!

Variety ensured

We thought that a lower price would mean that Beamia IPL Hair Removal device would be impaired at treating various body parts, but that wasn’t true.

Beamia can treat various body parts efficiently, it can work on large parts such as legs and arms, in addition to smaller parts such as armpit, bikini line, and facial hair.

Lifetime Use of Beamia IPL Hair Removal

Beamia IPL Hair Removal device has the capacity of producing nearly a million flash lights, which is far more than what you’d need to use initially.

However, IPL devices are all about long-term use and results, that’s why Beamia can provide a lifetime solutions using the 999,999 lamp lights it provides.

This also means, that there are no additional cartridges needed to operate the device, when you run out of flashes after 15-20 years, you buy a new device.

5 Energy Settings

It’s important to have various energy settings for any IPL device, to coup with the different endurance levels of different body parts.

For instance, bikini line’s skin is so thin, you can’t use high energy level, a lower level should be durable.

That’s what makes 5 energy settings important for Beamia users, so as to have the comfiest experience with the device during their sessions of hair removal.

2 Treatment Modes

Beamia comes with 2 Treatment modes, the flash mode, and the glide mode.

Flash mode works well for smaller body parts, such as armpits, upper lip, and bikini areas.

However, Glide mode suits larger body parts, such as arms and legs.

Gentle on Sensitive Areas

A Handful of Customer Reviews stated that their first experience with the deice went really well for a new device, especially under the fear of low price.

Moreover, the touch of low energy settings on sensitive areas felt so gentle, according to those reviews.

Static Shape

You thought our review only focuses on positive stuff, think again, ,we said we will provide you with the Honest review, which includes both positive and negative sides of the device.

The Beamia IPL Hair Removal Device comes in a static shape, which isn’t as viable as gun-shaped devices that provide easy access to various body parts.

Heats Up Fast

It may be impossible to carry out a full-body treatment session with the Beamia IPL Hair Removal, you’ll need to do it on 2 or 3 separated sessions.

That comes from the fact that the device heats up fast, in nearly 18-23 minutes of use, it’ll start heating and you’ll be required to turn it off, and let it cool down.

Slow in providing results

The main downside to the Beamia IPL Hair Removal is the fact that it can’t provide fast results, it provides slow sessions and slow results as well.

This requires patience. you have to NOT expect results in the near future, but work your way through the 6-8 sessions for noticeable results.

If a top10 IPL device can finish a full body treatment in 1 hour, the Beamia can do it in 1.5 hors, same with results, as top10 IPL devices can also provide results in 3-5 sessions, compared to the 6-8 sessions required by Beamia.

Additional Equipment with the Beamia IPL

This is not a downside, don’t worry. Beamia comes with a razor for pre-treatment shaving, in addition to a protective goggle.

Beamia Device after unboxing

Beamia IPL Hair Removal Instructions

  1. Shave the surface hair off with a razor.
  2. Then wear the protection goggles that comes with the device to protect your eyes.
  3. Now choose the suitable energy level and flash mode for you.
  4. Erect the device on your skin in 90 degree and press the flash button to start.
  5. Finally apply some lotion to moisturize your skin.

Pros & Cons of Beamia

to sum up the whole Features’ sector, here’s a list of Beamia’s Pros & Cons:


  • Economical
  • Easy to Use
  • Direct and Informative User Manual
  • 999,999 Lamp Flashes
  • Safe & Comfy
  • Treats Various Body Parts
  • 5 Energy Settings & 2 Treatment Modes


  • Slow in Providing Results
  • Slow in Completing the Session
  • Heats Up Fast
  • Static Shape
  • Requires Patience

Our Testers Ratings

  • Power: 3/5
  • Flashes: 5/5
  • Attachments: 2/5
  • Results: 3/5
  • Price: 5/5
  • More Options: 5/5
  • Easy of use: 3/5
  • Speed: 2/5

Beamia IPL Price

We already agreed that this is an economical device, didn’t we? How economical is it?

On Amazon, The device is sold for 99.99$, and it can be found for 50$ in eBay if you’re not interested in buying a brand-new one, and are okay with using a previously used device.

This price competes with nearly every other IPL Hair Removal device, it’s really cheap and affordable for anyone interested in the technology of at-home IPL devices, but doesn’t have the bucks to obtain it.

Beamia IPL Hair Removal Device

Sarah Randal

Overall Score


Economical, Easy to use, safe, and comfy, that’s how we found the Beamia IPL Hair Removal Device. However, you have to be patient with the device as it doesn’t provide results as fast as other IPL Hair Removal Devices.


Technical Specs

  1. Number of Power Settings: 5
  2. Flashes: 999,999 Flashes
  3. Battery: No Battery Used (Corded)
  4. Color: Black
  5. Size‏: ‎ 9.1 x 6.8 x 2.4 inches; 1.35 Pounds
  6. Recommended Uses For Product: Arms, Legs, Lip, Armpit, Cheeks, Bikini area
  7. Included Components: Eyes-Protection Goggles, AC Charger, Manual Razor

Customer Reviews

No one would buy a device before knowing and studying what those who obtained it felt and experienced throughout their journey with the device, that’s why we gathered the most important customer reviews of the Beamia IPL Hair Removal.

Positive Reviews

Anonymous Amazon Reviewer bought Beamia IPL Hair Removal in April 2021, she rated it 5/5 stars, and this is her review:

“I like that this product is so easy to use. Just shave the area, put on glasses, and press the button. I wish there was a glide function, maybe something to consider in the future?”

That’s such a positive review, the experience was soft and easy, however, she seems to not know that there actually IS a glide function.

Glide function helps with larger body parts, so she seems to have consumed more time flashing through her arms or legs, instead of gliding over it with the Beamia.

Another Anonymous Amazon Reviewer bought this device in March 2021, and her 5/5 stars rating indicate how cool her experience with Beamia was, she said:

“Easy to use, seems effective, the hardest part is sticking to a routine for consistent use.”

We’ve already warned of such thing. Beamia requires patience, and if you’re not up to the task, you may get bored quickly.

Negative Review

Amazon Reviewer bought it in May 2021, and this is her 1 start rated review:

“This hair removal comes in a nice set. The instruction is not hard to follow. I expect the same result as what show in the pictures on the product web page. However, the skin on my left arm was burn. Even though I suffered pain for several days, the hair on the burned spot still grow.”

This may happen due to a couple of reasons, first it could happen due to not following the detailed instructions, but she said that the instructions were not hard to follow, so let’s set that aside.

Secondly, the device heats fast, such heated device can result in burning the body part it’s treating, so take care of the heat before moving on to the next body part when you sense the device’s temperature is going up.

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Beamia Vs Philips Lumea 9000

 Beamia IPL Hair RemovalPhilips Lumea 9000
Flashes999,999 Flashes450,000 Flashes
Corded/CordlessCorded OnlyBoth
Session SpeedSlowFast
Full Treatment SpeedSlowFast
AttachmentsNone, but with 2 additional Equipment4 Attachments suiting different body parts

Philips Lumea 9000 Series BRI958

Philips Lumea 9000 Series BRI958

Philips Lumea 9000 is the best-selling home laser device in Germany and most countries in the world, as it has achieved great success in the field of IPL hair removal. BRI958 is one of the best Philips Lumia devices in all its categories because it comes with wireless and 4 attachments for Body Face Bikini & Underarms. in addition to SenseIQ technology, SmartSkin sensor, Philips Lumea IPL app, and much more!

FAQ on Beamia Hair Removal


Beamia is one of the most economical devices out there on the market. However, this may have affected the capability of providing fast results or fast treatment sessions.

In Honesty, Beamia works best for people who have the luxury of time, and don’t care for spending more time on their sessions.

The Device is effective, and by a price of 100$, this is the best deal you can make comparing effectiveness to price.