Facial Hair Removal For Men

Facial Hair Removal For Men

Tired of waking up every morning to carry out the daily shaving that takes valuable minutes of your early day before work? Looking for methods to achieve long-term or permanent facial hair removal for men? This guide will guide you throughout the whole process, from the intent, to the ultimate goal of having extra minutes to sleep every morning.

First of all, we want to assure you that different types and methods of facial hair removal for men hasn’t been around for just couple of years. It has a special word for it nowadays, called “Manscaping”. It describes the method of men removing or grooming their unwanted hair.

Not only that, the method of men grooming or removing their facial and body hair has been around since the Ancient Egypt. Pharaohs used to remove every strand of hair from their bodies, including eyebrows and even eyelashes. Back then, it was considered a sign of civility and nobility, but it was also painful.

Why discuss Facial Hair Removal for Men?

Facial Hair Removal for men
Facial Hair Removal for men

We have another resounding fact for you, Men’s skin needs appropriate care, just as much as women’s skin do. It’s obviously normal, and in some times necessary to save time, effort, and avoid irritations and skin burns.

These are some of the benefits of discussing Facial Hair Removal for men:

  • Relieve irritation and itchiness
  • Remove ingrown hairs
  • Avoid sporadic balding and remove bad hair plugs
  • Save valuable time
  • Achieve healthy-looking facial skin

Why Should you trust us?

As you grow familiar with the concept of Manscaping, we’ve prepared a list of the best methods for Facial Hair Removal for Men, but before we jump into that, why should you trust our article?

We conducted over 50 hours of research, including dermatologists’ testimonies, tens of personal reviews, watched videos on Facial Hair Removal for men for tens of hours, followed by in-person interviews with men who used those methods.

Best Methods designated for Facial Hair Removal for Men:

Now, we can jump into the list of best Facial Hair Removal methods, specifically tested, tried, and proven-effective for men:


shave shaving cream razor hero image 2019
shave shaving cream razor hero image 2019

Using a sharp blade to remove your facial hair is considered by far the most common way men use to start their morning, or prepare for an important appointment. All you have to do is use a shaving cream, a sharp blade, then remove the facial hair, and end with an after-shave cream.

If you really don’t mind the scratches and cuts caused by this method, then you’ll be able to have a fine hair-free on your face for a day or two, then the hair re-grows again, and you’ll have to shave it again.

This option may be considered the cheapest facial hair removal method, but it’s risky, and only provide short-lived results.


If we’re talking about the pain, and you haven’t tried waxing yet, then you can still reach a higher level in pain when waxing. The Face is considered one of the most sensitive body parts, and its hair isn’t any different.

Still, it’s a very effective method in achieving facial hair removal for men. You can use old-fashioned honey-based waxes, or the soy waxes, which is made of a sticky lotion that is added to the skin but only adheres to the scalp. Attach and remove after couple of minutes, then you’ll have a fairly red skin, but near-completely hair-free.

It’s not expensive, but it’s considered the most painful method, and its results can be a bit better and longer-lived than that of the shaving.


Facial Hair Removal for men with cream
Facial Hair Removal for men with cream

For men who can’t handle the pain caused by shaving or waxing, using cream hair removal can be a solution for their troubles.

However, the chemicals used in cream hair removal can potentially be harmful for handful types of skin. Always do a patch test before fully-using the hair removal cream for men. If it doesn’t cause any irritations or allergies, then and only then, you can go for it.

Apply the gel or oily cream on the skin, leave it there for a specific amount of time, then clean it with the hair removed with water. This method doesn’t provide long-term hair growth solutions, but it can be helpful for men who are irritated by the shaving or waxing, and don’t want to be hassled by facial hair for a week or two.

Male Threading:

Facial Hair Removal for men with threading
Facial Hair Removal for men with threading

This is also a common method of Facial hair removal for men, as they use it to remove nose, chin, and eyebrows’ hair. The method is concluded by using a thread and twisting it with fingers and maneuvering it on the targeted area to remove the hair.

It can cause skin irritations for some men, and it is not a permanent hair removal method, but it can keep the facial hair at bay for at least 5-7 days.

What makes this method common, is how economical it is, in addition to the ability of doing it at the comfort of your home.

Laser Hair Removal

Facial Hair Removal for men with laser
Facial Hair Removal for men with laser

You may be wondering; can a man permanently remove facial hair? It’s a solid question, as women have multiple options to achieve such goal. However, there’s only 1 answer to “how to remove men’s facial hair permanently”, it’s the Laser Hair Removal method.

It’s common for people to think that laser hair removal kills the hair follicle, which means it won’t grow again, and that’s false. It only weakens it, making the hair grow back thinner, and slower than usual.

Furthermore, there’s no such thing as “permanent facial hair for men,” as the facial hair will naturally grow again, it’s only a matter of growing back in 1-2 months, instead of 1-2 days.

Also, Laser hair removal devices can only do beard and facial hair reshaping. It’s their main objective.

If you’re seeking long-term results, we’d recommend obtaining Philips Lumea BG9041 for Men, as it’s the best Philips hair removal machine for male.


The only way to get long-lived facial hair removal for men is via Laser Hair Removal. Philips Lumea BG9041 is the best Philips hair removal for men.

However, you can still resort to other cheaper but riskier methods, such as Waxing, Shaving, using Cream hair removal, and Threading.

All of those methods can grant you hair-free experience, but none will give you long-lived results as the laser hair removal methods we mentioned before.

If you still have any questions, our experts will gladly answer you within 48, if you put them in the comments’ section below.

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