How Many Sessions For Laser Hair Removal Are Required? Experts Answer

How Many Sessions For Laser Hair Removal Are Required? Experts Answer

Laser Hair Removal is a great way of achieving long-lasting results, that has raised questions on many of its procedures, one important query was: How Many sessions for laser hair removal?

It’s important to gauge the length and number of laser hair removal sessions, to compare clinics and their prices, or compare at home laser hair removal devices alongside their pros & cons.

In this article, we shall provide you with everything that surrounds the number of sessions required for each hair removal treatment plan you attempt to carry out, and help you build your own plan, that suits your body & expenses.

What are the benefits of Laser Hair Removal sessions?

If you’re new to the concept of Laser Hair Removal, this section shall help you decide if it’s worth it for you.

Laser producing devices produce intense powered light, that damages the hair follicle, without touching your skin.

This procedure destroys the follicle throughout a number of sessions of hair removal treatments, and after those sessions, hair growth will be reduced significantly from underneath the skin.

By contrast, tweezing, shaving, and waxing all remove hair above the surface. These methods don’t target hair-producing follicles that operate underneath the skin’s external layer.

While some specialists say hair growth will be minimized permanently, how right are they?

Is Permanent Laser Hair Removal a Myth?

Imagine saying that your body doesn’t heal. If your skin is scratched or burnt, it’ll stay scratched and burnt forever, no healing, how does that sound? Unreal.

Same goes for laser hair removal, it does reduce hair growth for a specified timeframe, but hair follicles naturally heal, growing back to their normal speed.

So, is Laser Hair Removal permanent? No. the treatment puts the follicle in a state of dormancy, but it’ll grow back slower, lighter, finer, and fewer in numbers.

Heard about IPL and still have issues understanding difference between IPL and Laser hair removal, we got a full article to disclose the difference for you.

Types of Laser Hair Removal

Last thing to discuss before jumping into our main query here, what kind of laser hair removal treatment are available?

In our quest to calculate how many sessions for laser hair removal are needed, we ran into 2 types of laser hair removal: Clinical, and at home.

Clinical Laser Hair Removal

In short, clinical laser hair removal can be more effective, but more expensive.

Majority of specialists & professionals in clinics use light sheer diode laser, to remove hair from the body, as this laser deals with a variety of skin tones and hair colors, mainly lighter skin tones and darker hair colors.

Other clinics use Nd:Yag laser, which has a longer wavelength and goes deeper into the skin, which can deal with darker skin tones and tones and lighter hair colors.

Things to consider when comparing clinics that provide laser hair removal:

  • Previous Ratings
  • Prices
  • Proximity to your home
  • How Many Sessions of laser hair removal are required?
  • Specialists’ years of experience
  • Equipment used in treatments
  • Do they specialize in certain treatment or certain body parts?

At Home Laser Hair Removal

Normally, you’d like someone to carry out sessions for your hair removal needs. Some people, however, feel that privacy comes first.

Moreover, at home laser hair removal devices have never been as expensive as clinical sessions, which is another incentive on refraining from clinical towards at home devices.

Those at home devices provide less powerful devices, and require searching and reading more than ever, to educate yourself on how to use such important devices.

So, what to consider when comparing at home laser hair removal devices?

  • Device’s ratings on big markets like amazon and Walmart.
  • Prices
  • Device’s main features
  • Does the device specialize in certain body parts? Or just generally good?
  • Intelligent attachments
  • How Many Sessions for laser hair removal are required?

How Many Sessions for Laser Hair Removal Are Needed?

Everyone is different, and every body is unique. It may take you X sessions to conclude your treatment, while a brother or sister of your may require X+1, or X-2 sessions to reach the same level.

That’s because our hair goes through different growth phases. The bodily location where you want the hair removed also factors in.

Generally, people need between six and eight clinical sessions to remove the hair fully, and enter a stage of very slow hair growth.

Only 20% of all body hair is in the growth stage at any point in time, that’s the reason behind multiple sessions.

Moreover, Clinical sessions provide significant results after your 3rd session, normally.

Does at home laser hair removal provide same results? Yes & No.

At home laser hair removal requires 6-10 sessions to provide long-lasting results, due to the difference in power provided by clinical lasers & at home lasers.

Furthermore, top-tier at home hair removal devices, can provide noticeable results in the 2nd-3rd sessions.

Hair Growth Cycle Explained

How long do you need to wait between sessions?

In clinical treatments, effective laser devices require 6 weeks between sessions. That’s due to the fact that professionals tend to let skin heal and regenerate after sessions, despite being sure that the session is fully safe, it’s only to treat discomfort post-session.

Another reason is the hair growth cycle. Laser hair removal can only be effective on body hair in the phase of growth.

Indeed, it is the only time when hair and follicle connect, thus allowing the energy to pass from the former to the latter.

Thus, one session of laser hair removal can only target 18 to 20% of the hair on the specific area. Waiting six weeks will allow hair that is not grown yet or in another phase of growth to move into the right phase of growth.

The laser will then be able to target them and effectively treat the area.

In at home treatment sessions, you are required to wait between 1-2 weeks between sessions, depending on the device you’re using.

Some devices are powerful enough to make you need 2 weeks for healing and hair growth previously explained, other devices provide little power, making it normal to only wait 1 week.

The Best Laser Hair Removal

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Follow-up Sessions are a must!

Want to get the best out of laser hair removal? You need to carry out follow-up treatments (or touch-ups).

As the number of sessions for laser hair removal vary from person to another, same do the number of follow-up sessions.

Follow-up sessions are important to help ensure hair follicles don’t heal and regenerate all over again, at the original hated speed.

In clinical treatments, you may need a maintenance session once or twice a year after your full initial round of treatment.

However, in at home devices’ treatments, a follow-up session is required on monthly basis.