Laser Hair Removal Face

Laser Hair Removal Face

Are you looking for details around the laser hair removal face? We got you covered! Surf through this article for more information on the subject, and while you’re at it, you can check the table of content for quick surfing.

What is Laser Hair Removal Face?

It is a medical and beauty procedure that uses the energy inside the beam of light fired by the laser device, to slowly slow the growth of the facial hair.

The Laser treatment can be done on various body parts too, like legs, arms, bikini area. However, it’s a special procedure when we talk about the treatment on the face.

Why? Because the face is a sensitive & small area, that requires special treatment.

This beauty procedure works best on people with dark hair and light skin, but it also works on other types of hair and skin, thanks to the advancement of technology.

Fun Fact: Stats from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery showed that the laser hair removal face was one of the top 5 nonsurgical procedures in the United States.

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal for the Face

Laser hair removal on face side effects is rare. In general, they are minor and don’t last for a long time. The majority of people who tried the laser found it safe on the face.

As the laser causes damage to the hair follicles, the body reacts to this. That’s why minor side effects like redness and irritation happen to people who have sensitive skin.

Areas of Treatment for Face

As we said earlier, you can carry out laser hair removal treatment on various parts of your body, but the face is small and sensitive, so you can do the treatment on:

  • Chin
  • upper lip
  • forehead
  • temples
  • cheeks

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal Face?

There’s a set of instructions and advice, that you should follow in order to carry out the treatment correctly, and avoid the side effects, they include:

  • Avoid sun exposure for days before the treatment
  • Don’t using peeks or other chemical treatment on the skin before the treatment
  • Avoid working out or running before the treatment
  • Avoid aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs that may increase bleeding
  • Shave the area that needs the treatment beforehand
  • Make sure the area is clean and dry before the treatment

Before and After Facial Hair Removal

What could be better to support our theories on the laser hair removal face, than providing proof of the before & after treatment pictures:

Laser Hair Removal Face #1



Laser Hair Removal Face #2



Laser Hair Removal Face #3

Cost of Laser Hair Removal Face

To fully treat a single body part, you’ll need 4-8 treatment sessions, but it usually takes 4-6 sessions to get the job done.

However, that means you’ll have to pay for each session in full. It costs $75-$150 per session, to carry out a clinical laser hair removal session for your face.

In conclusion, it’ll require $300-$600, to treat your face alone.

Do you have other alternatives? When you can treat your whole body, at the same price, and maybe cheaper?

At-home Laser Hair Removal for Face as an Alternative

As good as the Laser hair removal at clinics sounds, it is still considered expensive if you have to pay $300-$600 just to remove your facial hair. What if you want to treat multiple body parts, it may empty up your bank account, and still need more.

That’s when the At-home Laser Hair Removal devices come in handy.

They can treat multiple body parts, and some of them have specific attachments for each body part, to make sure the job is well done!

Our Top Pick

Since we’ve been studying & testing laser hair removal devices for years now, we can confidently tell you that the Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 is the best device for the job

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956


Enjoy up to 8 weeks* of smooth, hair free skin, as chosen by over one million women (*When following the treatment schedule, measured on legs, after 3rd treatment, individual results may vary).

Philips Lumea Prestige IPL 8000 Series BRI949

Philips Lumea Prestige IPL 8000 Series 4 attachments

Lumea Prestige 8000 Series is your solution to remove hair at home with ease and safety in any area. The device comes with 4 smart attachments for the body and face specially designed to perfectly fit the curves of your body. It also has the smartSkin and SenseIQ technology features and 450,000 flashes, equivalent to 39 years of lifetime.

Philips Lumea IPL 7000 Series Advanced (BRI923)

image 18

Philips Lumea 7000 BRI923 Advanced is the latest and top-rated version of the 7000 series. Contains 3 attachments for the body, face, and bikini and is the only version of this series with Special treatment bikini hair, it also comes with the Lumea IPL app for follow-up and skin analysis.

It’s clinically and statistically proven how efficient Philips Lumea works on the face.

It’s safe, it provides long-lasting results, and here’s why we think it’s the top pick:

Why Choose the Philps Lumea for Face?

  • Saving money: When you get a home laser a Philips Lumea facial hair removal device, you will not need any other expenses anymore. No charges for shavers, sweetness, or “waxes”, not even for creams.
  • Low cost: Home laser facial hair removal in clinics can be very expensive. As for the home Philips Lumea hair removal device, it is cheap and you will not pay any other expenses after you buy the device.
  • Durability: The best home laser hair removal device (like the Philips Lumea) will last for almost 15 years.
  • Permanent results: Thanks to laser facial hair removal, the period of hair loss ranges between 2-3 months, up to 90%. The results may last up to 6 months, with a reduction in hair rate of more than 50%, based on some research.
  • Quick and guaranteed ​​ results: You will notice results in a decrease in the rate of facial hair after 2 to 4 sessions, at the rate of one session every two weeks. (Results are based on the home laser device used).
  • Saving time and effort: A laser facial hair removal session may only take from 2 to 5 minutes using a home laser.
  • Safety and efficacy: Laser hair removal is safe and effective and does not have any serious side effects if the instructions are followed carefully. Moreover, most laser facial hair removal devices contain filters for harmful UV rays. This is in addition to the skin and hair color sensing systems, the skin-to-skin contact sensor, and the different energy levels.
  • Hair removal in sensitive areas: This includes the upper lip, cheeks, chin, and ear.

How the Philips Lumea for Face Work

Philips Lumea for the face works by targeting the melanin pigment in the hair and follicles. The dye in the hair and follicles absorbs the laser and turns it into heat. Then the heat, in turn, damages these cells and other cells called “hair-producing cells”. Thus, laser facial hair removal is permanently performed.

Is Using Philips Lumea on the Face  Safe?

If you want to buy a home laser device for use on the face only or for the face and body, you must first make sure that it is documented by the World Health and Drug Organization. In this case, the Philips Lumea for face is the ideal device. It works with the intense pulse light technology documented by the World Health Organization.

In general, using a device equipped with safety technologies – such as the Philips Lumea for face – will help you get excellent results safely. The secret to avoiding the side effects of the laser is to follow the instructions properly. You should also consult your doctor in the event that you are treating acne or using a skin scrub, to find out the best time to start using a home laser device.

Facial Laser for Men

It is not recommended to use a home laser device to remove facial hair in men. That is because facial hair is affected by male hormones in men, which means that the laser has no noticeable effect on it.

Side effects of laser hair removal

The serious side effects

  • Laser hair removal may cause some burns to people with darker skin, because the pigment in the skin will absorb the laser more.
  • It may lead to swelling and redness of the treated area.
  • Sometimes it may lead to infection, so the skin must be cleaned well.
  • It may lead to skin peeling or burning.

The usual side effects

  • Feeling very slight warmth and numbness (during the session)
  • It causes itching in the treated area after the operation.
  • Slight redness or skin irritation
  • Very slight chance of discoloration or brown spots
  • The sensitivity to direct sunlight lasts for only two days after the session.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost For Face? 

Each laser hair removal face session will cost you from $75 to $150. The cost may be lower or higher depending on the area you are treating and the color of your hair and body. Your face might need 4-6 sessions to get the desired results, which makes it a bit costly for a single body part.

However, the cost of the at-home laser device that can treat all body parts like the BRI956, vary from $400-$600, which makes it far more cost-efficient.


Laser Hair Removal Face Treatment is safe and effective in clinics and using at-home laser hair removal devices.

But, the latter is far more cost-efficient, can treat all body parts, at the convenience of your own home, with so many benefits you won’t find at clinics.

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