Laser Hair Removal For Blonde Hair Efficiency & Safety

Laser Hair Removal For Blonde Hair Efficiency & Safety

Are you a blonde-hair woman with a dream of a long-lived body hair-free experience? Maybe a couple of articles will tell you it’s impossible to live that dream, but they’re wrong! We’re here to tell you that Laser Hair Removal for Blonde Hair can actually work. Read through this article to find out more.

It’s well known that men and women with blonde body hair can’t use laser hair removal efficiently, and thus, will “never” enjoy a hair-free experience for months. However, improvements in laser hair removal technologies resulted in promising findings in the matter.

Women and men with blonde body hair can actually enjoy a full-body hair-free experience, only under certain circumstances.

How Does Laser Hair removal work?

Before diving deep into the specifics, let’s explain in short how does Laser Hair removal works.

Laser or IPL hair removal is an advanced technology that’s used safely and efficiently across the world. In this method, the device produces a beam of light energy, targeting the hair pigments, to reach the hair follicle. The main aim is to damage the follicle, killing the blood vessel feeding the hair matrix, without the fear of pain, injuries, or even doing hard work.

The main problem with this method is that the blonde hair is known for NOT absorbing the initial beam of light energy due to having a low level of melanin substance, which is responsible for absorbing the light. Such problem is mainly responsible for obstructing the work of laser hair removal for blonde women.

However, the solution will follow next.

Laser Hair Removal For Blonde Hair

Does Laser Hair removal work on blonde hair ?

Yes! If you have blonde hair, you’ve probably been feeling frustrated about the lack of effective laser hair removal treatments available to you, because very light blonde hair has a small amount of melanin and pheomelanin, and usually not enough melanin to absorb IPL and laser energy.

But as discussed in the introduction, advanced technologies have solved the problem, all the new Laser hair removal devices need to do to be effective on blonde hair is:

Hair has to be in the catagen phase of the hair growth cycle, as it is the only time when the hair and the follicle connect. The second key element in the procedure is pigment. The laser should be efficient enough to target the pigments in the hair.

Additionally, the powerful laser home devices may work on lighter blonde hair. Because, if there’s enough dark melanin pigment, the strong laser flashes can create enough power/heat to start affecting the growth of the hair.

Right there and then, your hair growth as a blonde woman will decrease significantly!

Our Top Pick

Surfing through tens of detailed reviews written by women, talking about their experience with different devices using Laser hair removal for blonde hair, we can definitely tell you that the Philips Lumea Prestige for blonde hair, can work efficiently on the dark blonde body hair, while women with light blonde won’t benefit from this device.

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956


Philips Lumea 9000 is the first home cordless laser device. It comes with 4/3 attachments and contains SkinAI features. The full solution for the face and body with 4 smart attachments. It also contains an app that works with AI to monitor and analyze the skin in real-time, and it achieves quick results from the first sessions.

The device was released for the first time in 2020 and has been upgraded to the 9900 version due to its huge popularity, multiple uses, and features.

Philips Lumea Prestige IPL 8000 Series BRI949

Philips Lumea Prestige IPL 8000 Series 4 attachments

Philips Lumea Prestige 8000 Series is your solution to remove hair at home with ease and safety in any area. The device comes with 4 smart attachments for the body and face specially designed to perfectly fit the curves of your body. It also has the smartSkin and SenseIQ technology features and 450,000 flashes, equivalent to 39 years of lifetime.

Philips Lumea 8000 is one of the best home laser hair removal devices, due to its high speed and excellent results in making the skin smooth, soft, and hair-free for a long time and without pain. 

Don’t Rush It!

So, we’ve picked a laser hair removal device suitable for blonde hair, now it’s time to follow up on some important steps, to make sure the treatments grant you the result you deserve.

First of all, always bear in mind that blonde hair needs special treatment, so you’ll have to NOT rush the treatments, nor rush the results.

It will take few additional treatment sessions compared to other hair colors. It’s mainly due to the difference in melanin inside the hair. With less melanin, there’s less efficiency in reducing hair growth using the same power used for darker hairs.

You’ll also need more frequent top-ups after your initial treatment session is done.

How do we know that? We’ve followed up on the clinical test data sheets, in addition to personal reviews published by customers who bought and used the IPL devices designed specifically for Laser Hair Removal for blonde hair.

Laser Hair Removal For Blonde Hair

General Advice

Let’s pile up a list of general advice, that’d pave the way for better and more efficient treatments:

  • Women can use Laser hair removal devices from the cheekbones down
  • Men can use them from the neck down
  • Both men and women shouldn’t use it on their beard, face, genitals, anus, nipples, or moles
  • Do a skin sensitivity test before using the device on your whole body

Is Laser hair removal for blonde hair more expensive?

Yes, Absolutely. It uses more advanced technology, so expect to have to pay for that.

Furthermore, achieving the best results during a rare case of blonde hair is not easy, which makes it more worth it for you if you continue to pursue your hair-free goal.

This generally follows the rule of: “Special stuff requires special treatment and special payment as well.”

The Risks of Laser Hair Removal for Blonde Hair

The actual Laser treatment session can be a bit painful. It provides a slight sensation of stinging on the skin. Apart from some pain, the procedure may also cause some irritation to the skin. It can make some of your skin swell, and may even cause some redness and slight bruising. This applies particularly if you have sensitive skin.

We’re not here to sell you on the fact that it’ll be a 100% pain-free experience. However, the silver lining is that in 90% of the patients, the aforementioned pain goes away within just a few hours after having the treatment done.


As you can see, laser hair removal for blonde hair is not necessarily impossible to be done. There are just a few things that you need to put into your consideration before determining if it is right for you.

Follow up on the instructions and guidelines we’ve prepared for you, and a long-lived body hair-free experience will not be a dream anymore, it’ll be your reality, despite your lovely blonde hair!