Laser Hair Removal Permanent

Laser Hair Removal Permanent

Are laser hair removal results permanent? Can anyone have laser therapy sessions? and what are best methods available today? Are Philips Lumea results last forever? Find out answers 

Today, laser hair removal methods are more advanced. Every woman wants to look perfect. That’s why laser hair removal kits are trendy today. You can get rid of unwanted hair forever in the shortest time possible.

If you don’t know how, this guide will help you understand how to keep your skin smooth and hairless without paying much money.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe And Permanent?

Laser hair removal is the best way to remove unwanted hair. After 6 to 8 treatments, you can expect reduction in hair growth. You won’t need to shave or wax your body anymore. Any hair growing back won’t be even seen.

You can remove the excess hair using laser hair removal kits in less than 5 minutes. Laser hair removal doesn’t cause serious side effects. Some minor side effect might happen to some people and they don’t last for long time such as redness of the skin. Usually, the side effect are temporary. You should also stop applying retinol cream and vitamin C serums before hair removal procedure.

0Your skin is more sensitive to light so avoid direct sun exposure before and after your treatment. don’t go to chlorinated pools and saltwater swims at least for 7 days after your laser session. If you experienced a side effect that lasts for more than a day, consult your doctor.

Laser hair removal methods use light energy to destroy unwanted cells. However, however, during the treatment session, not all hair follicles are destroyed as they are in different growth cycle. In other words, you will need more than one session to get permanent results. As example, if you are using Philips lumea for hair removal, you will find a detailed user manual suggesting the best treatment plan for your skin color and hair color.

How Long Do The Effects Of Laser Hair Removal Last?

The effect of laser hair removal lasts for 6 to 12 months after finishing your treatment. At the same time, you can reach permanent results by maintaining your results once or twice every month after finishing your treatment.

Eventually, you won’t need to use laser hair removal methods as the hair growing back is very thin and few in number that you can’t see by your eyes. Laser hair removal permanent is not cheap if you are going to do laser procedures at clinics.

The laser session might cost you around $500 to $1000. You should save enough money before going to clinics for hair removal treatment. Laser used at clinics is higher than used at home. it feels like the snap of a hot rubber on the treated area. IPL technology is better than laser in removing unwanted hair form large areas. Check Philips laser hair removal Kits Prices and Reviews.

The Benefits of Using Personal Kit

Personal hair removal kits are the best for removing unwanted hair today. Philips lumea offers the most effective kits using IPL technology derived from IPL professional devices. You won’t pay any additional costs after purchasing the kit. There are many benefits of having your own hair removal kit including:

  • Safe on skin – without any dangers on your skin. Laser at home kits from philips is gentle on skin and less painful compared to other methods.
  • Ease of use – anyone can use philips lumea at home without supervision. As the light used is low, it doesn’t cause sensitivity reactions or side effects compared to professional devices. At clinics, the laser used is high. if the technician is not qualified to use it, this might cause serious problems.
  • High privacy – you won’t feel embarrassed at clinics anymore with having your kit. Also, you will save your time by doing it at home. no transportation, no waiting and no need to schedule appointments.
  • No hidden costs – the initial cost is not high as you won’t need to pay any extra money after that. Philips lumea models have more than 200,000 flashes. This means that the lifetime of the kit is more than 20 years, it is a great investment! Read our laser hair removal reviews.

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956


Philips Lumea Prestige IPL 8000 Series BRI949

Philips Lumea Prestige IPL 8000 Series 4 attachments

Philips Lumea Best Personal Machine

Philips Lumea BRI956 is the best selling kit and the first choice for women in Europe. It will save your time, all you need is just 30 minutes to keep your body smooth and hair-free for a long time. The results of Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 lasts for more than 4-8 weeks. It comes with all necessary attachments for hair removal. You will find 4 attachments (body, face, armpit, and bikini line). The device doesn’t cause pain like waxing and doesn’t cause ingrown hair like epilators. There are many reasons why Philips Lumea is the perfect package to remove hair from almost all your body areas. Learn more about Philips Lumea models and how to use Philips Lumea kits.

It will give you fast results after only 4 sessions (2 months) as the kit capable of removing up to 80% in the shortest possible time. You will only need to maintain your results once or twice every year. See amazon deals on Philips lumea BRI956.

How Long Does Philips Lumea Last? 

New models of Philips Lumea has 250,000 flashes which you can use for more than 300 laser hair removal sessions. Each session takes around 100-500 pulses only. According to the manufacturer the pulses are enough for 15 years. 

Does Philips Lumea Permanently Remove Hair?

 Using Philips Lumea will slow the hair growth circle until you reach permanent results overtime.  You have to finish the initial treatment sessions and do maintenance sessions  to reach the desired results. Philips Lumea uses technology called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) which targets the hair root under your skin. the hair is destroyed. this process inhibits the hair growth within time. To get the best results finish the treatment sessions on schedule. 


The laser hair removal permanent results are not hard to achieve if you have the will to finish your treatment plan. While laser hair removal at clinics is very expensive as you need more than one session to feel the difference, Philips lumea IPL kits is the best choice for you. See our full reviews of best Philips lumea models and deals from Amazon, unbeatable prices.