Laser Vs Electrolysis: The Difference In Results

Laser Vs Electrolysis: The Difference In Results

Keeping up with beauty trends can be a daunting task in recent years. You need to take care of so many things that it makes the whole task tedious.

Tasks like tweezers, shaving, and waxing can be uncomfortable and time-consuming but are necessary when you want to look good for yourself. All those wires being tangled about must be irritating, to the point you may require terminal blocks. If you’re tired of pesky hair growths and dealing with them, then you are likely considering getting permanent hair removal procedures. 

There are two such hair removal procedures: laser and electrolysis (Laser Vs Electrolysis). You may have heard recommendations for both methods and maybe find it difficult to decide which one to get. There is no need to fret; we have you sorted out. We will discuss all the critical differences in results when it comes to these procedures so that you can choose which one sounds better to you. Let’s dive in.

Benefits Laser Vs Electrolysis

Both of these methods are effective when it comes to hair removal. However, there are some differences in how it will benefit certain people. Laser hair removal is less effective for specific skin colors as the procedure targets darker colors. Therefore, people with dark skin and light hair may not benefit as much from this. Additionally, laser hair removal can not be used near the eyes as it can damage them, while electrolysis is highly versatile and can be applied to eyebrows. On the other hand, electrolysis provides a more permanent hair removal solution than laser hair removal, as it directly damages hair follicles.

Side Effects Laser Vs Electrolysis

These two methods are generally pretty safe, and there are no significant side effects typically associated with them. However, with laser hair removal, there are many more side effects. This includes minor side effects related to the skin, like swelling, irritation and blisters. These are generally treatable, but they can cause quite a bit of discomfort. Additionally, laser hair removal can make skin sensitive to sunlight, increasing the chance of sunburn or discoloration of tanned skin.

On the other hand, electrolysis offers lesser side effects. These can go away in a day and are typically skin irritation or slight redness. Pain and swelling are generally rare with this hair removal procedure. However, since this method involves invasiveness, it can leave them feeling of sharp needles on the skin. This could be pretty disturbing to certain people, which is why non-invasive laser hair removal is a better choice. Additionally, there is a slight chance of infection if the needle used is not sterile.

Follow-Up Appointments

These hair removal procedures don’t show permanent results immediately and often need follow-up appointments. However, the frequency of follow-up appointments varies. You may need to go from 6-8 times over six months until the follow-ups are significantly reduced with laser hair removal. On the other hand, follow-up sessions will be required weekly or bi-weekly until ideal results are reached with electrolysis. These can go up to more than 30 treatment sessions. Therefore, there may be a difference in how long it takes for final results to reach.


These hair removal procedures don’t exactly come cheap and are not covered by most health insurance. However, these procedures do vary slightly in terms of their costs. Laser hair removal requires fewer sessions, but these visits can typically last between $200 and $400. On the other hand, electrolysis procedures are cheaper, as low as $45 per visit. However, electrolysis requires significantly more sessions which means that these costs can add up considerably once you’re done.

Unwanted hair can be a significant problem when taking care of one’s hygiene and beauty. This is where hair removal procedures like laser and electrolysis can help. There are specific key differences when it comes to the results they show. The benefits can vary with laser removal having certain restrictions and showing less permanent effects. Laser removal also has more side effects but is a non-invasive procedure. Electrolysis requires more follow-up appointments than laser hair removal, making it tedious. Electrolysis is a lot cheaper per visit but requires a lot more sessions, which is where costs can add up.

Thank you for reading. We hope this article proves helpful in helping you decide on a hair removal procedure.