Negative Reviews of LYMA Laser 2023

Negative Reviews of LYMA Laser 2023

LYMA laser is a new and trending device that promises a lot such as treating acne, signs of aging, scars, and many more. Works to break through ultra-diffused lenses and deliver targeted, controlled power through all the layers of the skin. It’s more effective than LED.

There are a lot of advantages that it offers to the skin, but is it really worth it? And what are the negative reviews about the product? Where do you find only positive reviews everywhere? Is it really worth 2.5K? Let’s find out the answer to this question in this article.

About LYMA Laser

The LYMA laser works to penetrate the deep layers of the skin and reach the muscle cells, where it interacts with the mitochondria, which is an energy source for the skin cells and then improves them by stimulating collagen and elastin.

It works to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging and eliminate free radicals through proteins. It is also safe because it employs cold, near-infra-red 500mW laser technology – a world first for at-home beauty devices, which makes it different from other laser devices that work on Concentrating the heat on the skin and therefore it also does not cause any pain.

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How to Use It

LYMA laser is suitable for all skin types and should be used daily to get results for 30 minutes a day for at least 3 months. It comes equipped with the LYMA Oxygen Mist and Glide to transform your skin in weeks, which you apply every day before using the laser on the area to be treated and improve its appearance.

LYMA Laser Reviews

Apply 6 Pumps of LYMA Mist on the targeted area, then apply another 6 pumps of the LYMA Glide. Finally, you can use the laser and move over each section of the treated area for a minimum of 3 minutes a day.

Is LYMA Laser a Scam?

The answer to this question is yes and no, because based on the device’s promises to eliminate signs of aging, wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, and acne in 12 weeks,

With its high price, which exceeds $2,500, it must really be the final solution, but no. Some users found that they did not get results after using the device for a long time, which is why It can be very frustrating.

But of course, no laser device for skin rejuvenation works on everyone to the same degree, because everyone has different skin and therefore you may not find results after using it or a significant difference.

In any case, it is of course one of the best types of these devices and has much better features and benefits than most of them.

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Negative Reviews of LYMA Laser

Without further ado let’s jump into the bad reviews and really understand why there are some negative reviews of LYMA Laser. We have collected these reviews from websites, YouTube, and social media platforms:

Liam says: After using the device for four months, I did not get any results and no positive difference, and I was committed to using it daily based on the recommendations, but unfortunately I spent 2400 euros without any results.

Mia’s experience: I bought the LYMA Laser with a discount of 20%. But it was causing me pain in my eyes, even though I closed it when using it, and I never put it near the eyes anyway. I think my skin is sensitive and this is the reason.

John says: To be honest, the device surprised him greatly when it was first released in the United States. But after looking at its details, I found that it is FDA-Cleared, not FDA-Approved. And there is a big difference because FDA Approved means that the device has been tested for its effectiveness. As for the FDA – Cleared tells you whether the device is safe to use or not.

More Negative Reviews of LYMA Laser

Sophia says: She bought the LYMA Laser 2 months ago and uses it daily. But she didn’t get any results.

Sam says: I used the Lyma laser for a brief period. And it left brown marks on the area where I used it. It was localized, therefore I’m certain it was the laser.

It also caused my eyes to burn, even though I closed my eyes. And used a blanket to cover it when I used it on my body. To be sure, I am physically sensitive and have the type of skin that develops white and brown spots from sun exposure. Anyway, I returned it and am now concerned about my eyes. as well as having to deal with these brown spots caused by the laser. I’m surprised there aren’t more reviews on this laser, and I’m curious why.

Jessica says: It was the worst decision of her life. I was really looking forward to the results, but using it takes 1-2 hours a day. This device is extremely overpriced and its results are way over-exaggerated.

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The LYMA device solves many problems, but its price is very high. At this price, you can go to clinics and get everything you want such as getting rid of acne, pigmentation, and other skin problems. But if you prefer home devices, you can try it.

3 thoughts on “Negative Reviews of LYMA Laser 2023”
  1. Karlyn

    I have had the Lyma laser for months and use it every day – huge waste of a lot of money for NO results – still have enlarged pores, redness, ‘crow’s feet’. No improvement in my skin. I feel like it is a scam.

  2. Liana Chirichella
    Liana Chirichella

    I totally disagree, the Lyma laser does work! It has significantly reduced sun spots and pigmentation issues to the point that I have had aestheticians and even a plastic surgeon who is a friend of a friend telling me how amazining my skin is and asked what I use.

  3. Corinne Sandy
    Corinne Sandy

    Lyma did nothing for skin elasticity issues. Totally useless and waste of $2k+ purchase. Pass for those of you who didn’t spend time or $$$.

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