Nono Hair Removal Vs Philips Lumea

Nono Hair Removal Vs Philips Lumea

Device Analysis for Nono hair removal: How to use it? Is this truly efficient? And you need to know other FAQs before you get your own laser hair removal kit. To continue reading, this summary is everything you need.

The new generation of Thermicon technology is the Nono Hair Removal System. With all the luxurious attachments that you need quickly and easily, it provides a painless hair removal experience. It is appropriate for a wide variety of types of skin and suitable for the removal of full-body hair.

Why Trust Us?

Our experts have checked and tested Nono Hair Removal products and compared them with the other devices available on the market for hair removal. To ensure that we make non-biased reviews, with all the relevant details you should remember, we have read the full reviews of more than 200 clients.

What Is Nono Hair Removal?

 Nono Hair Removal is a personal hair removal device that uses Thermicon Technology to remove hair. Where there is a technology Thermicon (a thermal device) that works to weaken the hair follicles without affecting the skin, and the Nono device does not use any kind of rays, light or laser. Indeed, Nono hair removal is a simple radical machine that works using heat; it depends on a developed technology called Patented Pulsed Thermicon Technology.

Here are the latest models of Nono Hair Removal devices:

  1. Nono MICRO Hair Removal
  2. No no MICRO Hair Removal
  3. Nono Ultra Hair Removal

1. MICRO Nono Hair Removal

MICRO Nono gives you a hair removal treatment with professional-like results in the palm of your hand. Treat and remove hair simultaneously with this micro-sized hair removal device powered by patented Thermicon™ Technology. Indeed, Thermicon technology works based on the scientific principles of gentle heat transference, making it safe and effective on all skin tones and hair colours.

nono hair removal micro

Micro Nono Pros

  • Simultaneously treats and removes hair with patented Thermicon technology.
  • Weeks of lasting results with continued use and can safely be used virtually anywhere on the face or body.
  • Safe for all skin tones, even dark spots and tattoos.
  • Cordless, rechargeable, designed for a hair removal treatment at home (or on the go).
  • Including 1 MICRO, 2 Thermicon Tips (Wide and Narrow), Charger and Cleansing Brush.
  • Suitable for men and women.


  • Can be used corded only. 
  • The sound of head movement can be a bit annoying.
  • Costs too much compared to the results.
  • There are much better devices.
  • May lead to redness or irritation if used for a long time in a single area.

Micro Nono User’s Review 

Kasey said:

“I’ve been using Nono for about 3 months and I love it! It’s quick, easy to use and best of all, completely painless. I’ve been using it all over, especially on my arms and face. It removes the soft peach fuzz immediately! “

Justin said:

“Product came super-fast. Worked great on my wife’s really light/fine, facial peach-fuzz. I never really noticed it before Nono; but I gotta say that she looked really striking after using it on her face. It’s like she had a different ‘glow’ or something. Really pretty. Must be something about how the makeup looks on skin vs. on fine hairs. This is MUCH better than wax (wax irritated her sensitive skin and that wasn’t a good look for 2 weeks). Anyway, I think it’s safe to say we’re both happy. Even if it isn’t noticeable to other people. I think it’s a self confidence booster. You have to be ok with a slight smell of burning hair though. All good – there’s worse smells in the bathroom.”

Dewhirst Said:

My Nono is so good and l have already told friends. DEWHIRST said.” I am very pleased with my purchase it’s even better than l thought. “

2. PRO Nono Hair Removal

This model is extremely almost like the previous one. it’s the identical features and can provide you with the identical results.

Nono’s patented Thermicon technology is colour-blind and safe for all different skin tones and is effective on a large range of hair colours, including brown, black, blond, red, and grey. Users will experience an apparent thinning in unwanted hair from the primary use, and when used consistently over several months, users notice a dramatic reduction in hair regrowth in treated areas.

Nono Hair removal Pro

This package include:

  • 1 narrow Thermicon tip.
  • 1 wide Thermicon tip.
  • Deluxe travel case.
  • 1 large buffer.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • User manual.
  • A Charger.
  • Free Super Dose kite.
  • 1 NEOVA Intensive Lip Repair.
  • 1 NEOVA Copper Moisturize Mask.

Nono PRO Pros:

  • ·One treatment setting.
  • Small/compact.
  • TSA-Friendly.
  • Patented Thermicon™ Technology.
  • Cordless.


  • So slow; Needs repeated gliding.
  • Noisy.
  • A little stinky.
  • Easy to use, not easier than other devices.

Nono PRO User’s reviews

Mom said:
“Works well can smell the hair burn. Different size heads are nice. Just need to practice a touch to urge the proper positioning of the top for smooth movements with the tip working.”

Wanda said:
“Like these, the primary one I had lasted for over 6 years and that i use every week”

June said:
“Very easy to use and extremely precise”

3. Ultra Nono Hair Removal

Another radiance device which also uses Patented Pulsed Thermicon Technology is NoNo Ultra. The manufacturer also claims to be safe and painless, and has dynamic control of speed and tips for beauty.

It has 3 levels of treatment as well. Nono Ultra also has beauty tips that are sold separately for $49.99 each, such as Ultraclean and Micro Massage. It comes with the same components as Nono Pro. In addition, except for the breasts and genitals, you can use NoNo Ultra on all body parts. It has the same benefits and drawbacks as Nono Pro. In addition, it costs $299.94, higher than Nono Pro!

Nono hair removal ultra

Ultra Pros

  • No potential side effects like laser treatment either.
  • Long term results.
  • Remove hair from all troublesome spots, from underarms and face for women or neck and back for men. Precision control with three different treatment levels and two different attachments for both wide and narrow body areas Works on all skin and hair types, even thick hair!
  • Nono innovative Thermicon wire transmits heat to the hair and down to the follicle to gently and effectively remove body hair.

Ultra Cons

  • This product does not work as fast as electrolysis or surgery.
  • The results are not immediate as it takes time to cover the hair follicles.
  • This solution must be used on a consistent basis for the results to remain.

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How to Use Nono At-home Hair Removal Device?

  1. Charge and uncover the unit.
  2. Choosing the correct tip (depending on the realm to be treated).
  3. Thermicon tip insert.
  4. On and pick the specified treatment level for Tern.
  5. Glide effortlessly over the skin.
  6. Buff away hair which is crystallized (treated).


  • It is necessary to start with clean, dry skin when using the device, and choose a Thermicon tip that’s suitable for the scale of the world you’ll be treating. Press the tip on your skin once the machine is turned on, and glide in quick, steady sweeps.
  • It’s important to travel within the wrong way of your hair’s growth, therefore the Nono can reach as near the foundation as possible. Also, if your hair is long enough to twist slightly, you’ll trim it down some, but take care to not shave completely, as some hair still has to be present.


 Nono hair removal device is painless.

Yes, but this can impact outcomes and how easily hair reduction can be accomplished. If you continue to shave, wait for 1mm of hair regrowth before using Nono for best results.

Yes – it can be used by both men and women.

The Nono to remove hair caused by a hormonal imbalance in the body, but the results may be slower.

For best results, use the Nono on hair, the length between (1-3 mm).

The Nono works on thin and thick hair as well, but in any case, the results may take longer when used on thicker hair.

Yes – some of it will grow, but it will be lighter and thinner, and if you stop using the device, it may grow back. The (Thermicon) technology directly affects hair follicles and works to delay and disrupt hair growth.

We recommend Nono 2-3 times a week over the first six weeks. After about two months you may only need to use the No! No! Once a week and maybe less with time.

We do not recommend using Nono Daily, as the hair growth will not be sufficient for contact with the thermal wire.

  1. Move the device over the skin slowly, smoothly and without stopping.
  2. Move the device towards your body and against the direction of the hair, for example, when cleaning your arms, start from your wrist and pull it towards the elbow in a smooth movement, making sure that the green light remains constant during use
  3. When you are done using the device, use the attached cleaning pad to remove excess hair, as this process makes the skin smoother.  
  4. Circularly use the cleansing pad on the body, and after the completion of the cleaning process, use a moisturizing cream for the skin
  5. To get the best results, the green light should remain constant during use, as the steady green light indicates that you are using the device correctly.

Alternatives to Nono hair removal device

Nono hair removal VS. Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal

Why we choose Philips Lumea alternative to Nono hair removal?

  • Philips Lumea IPL device gives long-term hair reduction for a period of up to six months after completing the treatment sessions. The Philips IPL device works for hair removal and gives quick results that begin to appear from the second session and most hair disappears after the seventh session.
  • The Philips laser device includes a Smart Skin sensor to recognize skin colour for higher protection and comes with multiple attachments for face, body and sensitive areas, and the latest version of Philips Lumea works with or without wire.
  • IPL hair removal technology was available in the late 1990s in medical centres and beauty salons, and the pioneering company PHILIPS conducted intensive research for many years to issue a home device with IPL technology, which combines effectiveness and safety for use at home.
  • The Philips Lumea device emits light flashes of light targeting hair follicles under the skin, and the light is absorbed by the colour pigment (melanin) in the hair roots, so the temperature of the hair root rises and the heat is transferred to the hair follicle (hair follicle), causing it to stop working and enter the dormant stage for several months Hair growth stops.

Some Philips Lumea users’ experiences:

  • A girl did work once a week for six weeks instead of once a month. After 8 weeks, I found that the hair became very thin. After 3 months, she used the device again for 5% hair.
  • Another woman did laser sessions at a doctor, but she did not get a satisfactory result. She bought an epilator and three times later she noticed the difference.
  • And another mentioned that after 6 sessions, the hair was halved, although the hair was black, it was not thick enough.
  • Another group said that after 8 times, they got excellent results in terms of hand and legs. But for the bikini area, it needs between 11 to 15 times, at the rate of one session per week. The company reports that this results from the density of the hair and the nature of the body.

Nono hair removal VS. Laser Hair Removal

Some Point For Nono Against Laser hair removal 

Skin and hair colours: The laser targets and damage the hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue, as is the pulse thermocouple used in Nono Pro.

The difference is that the THERMCON uses painless heat and is effective against all hair and skin colours, unlike lasers that do not work on issues that do not contain pigments such as white and Gray hair, do not treat red hair, and do not work on very dark skin tones.

Cons of Laser hair removal device:

  • Redness or irritation.
  • Itching.
  • Tumescence.
  • Acne.
  • Skin discoloration.

Pros Laser hair removal device:

Speed: The laser is much quicker than the pulse thermocouple, and in just one minute it can extract hair from a small area like the upper lip. Using a thermo-thermocouple, on the other hand, allows the Noon hair removal system to be slid constantly on the target area to achieve the best results, which takes a lot of time. According to some user feedback, using Noon Hair Removal Device took about 25 minutes to shave one leg, which is much longer than shaving!

Needed Sessions: To permanently reduce the rate of hair growth, laser hair removal requires an average of one session every two weeks for a duration of 6 to 8 weeks. Great outcomes are assured. According to the manufacturer’s website, the pulse Thermicon should certainly be used for 6 to 8 weeks as well, but twice a week!

Safety: Thermicon of Noon hair removal technology uses only heat, is safe and effective and has no side effects on the skin. The Laser is also considered a safe and effective method, as it may have some superficial side effects, but it usually does not exceed two or three days.

Laser Hair Removal users’ experiences:

  1. The average number of sessions will be between 6 to 12 so that you can see the final results.
  2. The results last from 4 to 6 months without hair growing again, and at some point, the hair appears thinner, lighter and less in its density than normal.
  3. The results often reach at least 80% to 95% of the hair, which disappears completely from the body and lasts for a long time, eliminating the need to use any of the traditional and temporary methods.

Nono Hair Removal Price

After showing the most important differences between Nono Pro Thermicon technology and the laser, which seems to be in favour of the laser, we now mention the price of Nono hair removal.

First of all, there are 3 models of NO! no! the system. And Nono Pro, Nono Ultra, and Nono Micro. Each has its own price and specifications. Nono! Pro Hair Removal has two payment methods. Firstly, it costs $ 249.95 on the manufacturer’s website if paid in full.

Second, it comes with a 30-day risk-free trial period, and you only pay $ 14.95. After 30 days, the full price will be split into 3 monthly payments of $ 83.33. The price for Nono Hair Removal is £ 199.00 on Argos, and it is on Amazon for $ 239.99 and $ 245.97.

Nono! Ultra-Hair Removal comes at $ 299.94 on the official website if paid in full. It can also be paid in three payments of $ 99.98 each. You’ll find it for £ 159.00 on Argos instead of £ 219.00, and on Amazon for £ 189.00 instead of £ 219.00.

The same goes for Nono! Microscopic hair removal. You can get it for $ 199.95 if you pay in full, and it can be split into three payments of $ 66.65. They are found on Amazon for £ 159.00 for white and black, while red costs only £ 99.98. Finally, you’ll find Nono Micro on Argos for £ 99.99.

Alleged results Nono’s official website

The website says that the device:

  • For side effects.
  • no pain.
  • No cuts.
  • It does not cause skin irritation.

Real results from user reviews:

  • very slow; It takes a long time to remove hair from one area.
  • Leaves skin hairy and spiky if not polished.
  • Ineffective, it requires frequent gliding in order to treat the hair.
  • It may lead to heat-related redness.
  • Expensive compared to the results.


 You should select the device that is best for your skin tone, hair type, number of sessions to see real results, and pain tolerance when it comes to selecting your hair removal system. All right, I hope things are clear now. It’s safer, in my view, to pay $100-$200 more and get a healthy, reliable, quick, and FDA-cleared system that easily reduces hair re-growth permanently. Such tools last for no less than 12 years and the performance never diminishes.

The issue with Nono hair removal products is that they are scams! They’re not bringing you the expected results, they’re costly, and they’re only going to waste your time and resources. Stop all of this, and just think of trustworthy products, products that are FDA-approved and highly recommended by doctors and dermatologists.