Permanent Hair Removal For Men

Permanent Hair Removal For Men

The daily Grooming routine men carry out, usually leads to skin cuts, razor burns, and other facial skin irritations and blemishes. This led to seeking options granting permanent hair removal for men.

And it makes sense, men would want to get rid of the daily morning grooming before work, which consumes time and gets hurtful sometimes, and replace that with smooth and good-looking facial or body hair, that they don’t need to groom on daily basis.

The Basics of Laser hair removal for men 

The laser works by producing a specific beam of light, that targets the melanin inside the hair and destroys the hair follicle. It inhibits the growth of the hair without disrupting the skin surface itself. 

In reality, some men get annoyed because of the unwanted hair in many parts of their bodies. As a man, if you are suffering from unwanted hair and looking for long-lasting results, you should be looking beyond the daily shaving or waxing, in this article we shall provide you with the best long-term hair removal results.

This raises the question, can we achieve Permanent Hair Removal for men?

Permanent hair removal for men

Permanent Hair Removal for Men: Is it possible?

Laser and IPL hair removal technologies are very common today. They can give you the permanent or long-lasting results you are looking for, but it takes time. You have to be patient to get the desired results especially if you chose to use a personal kit at home. You can see noticeable results after only 4-7 treatments. Laser therapy uses a specific beam of light. While IPL therapy uses a wider beam allowing the removal of more hair follicles at the same time. This means that IPL sessions are shorter than laser sessions.

Moreover, specific studies provided that Electrolysis can also provide permanent hair removal results for men.

With that being said, permanent hair removal for men is not a dream anymore. The laser treatments, the IPL treatment, and the Electrolysis can provide you with the permanent results you’re seeking.

Benefits of Permanent Hair Removal For Men

Before diving deep into the options available to achieve Permanent hair removal for men, let’s talk about benefits. The most important and aimed at benefit, is never needing to shave or wax on daily basis ever again. This shall save you time, money, and can -in most cases- give you 1 additional hour of sleeping in the morning.

Moreover, you’ll no longer need to address the ingrown hairs, as they usually cause painful bumps on the groin, in addition to the chest, and neck.

Additionally, permanent hair removal can actually make you smell better. Less hair means less sweat, which also means a better scent.

Permanent hair removal for men

Options for achieving Permanent hair removal for men

Laser hair removal treatment

The laser uses light energy to reach the hair follicle and destroy the hair from the root. Laser inhibits the growth of the hairs until they stop growing back in the long term run. The results last for a considerable period of time.

It’s also proven that Laser treatments are suitable for removing the back, the chest, the stomach, shoulders, and the genital area’s unwanted hair. Permanent hair removal for men is easy to achieve using your own kit at home.

Electrolysis for men

Another method to get permanent hair removal for men is electrolysis. This method carries out using an ultra-slim needle to reach the hair shaft. It delivers tiny shocks of electricity to the hairs. After destroying the cells producing the hairs, no hair will grow back again.

The treatment session takes 10 to 20 minutes. If your hair is thick, the session will be longer. These methods give you guaranteed results. It can be used for removing all body hair.

However, it may be painful and not very safe compared to other treatments. Furthermore, you will need more sessions up to 15 sessions to get the desired results. In short, this option can provide long-lasting results, but in a very painful manner.

Waxing for men 

Waxing for men is done by using soy waxes. You apply the wax as a creamy lotion on your skin. You can use the wax to remove the hair on the ears and neck.

However, waxing is a very traditional method and yet painful. It’s so much painful than laser treatments, yet it’s less expensive and provides short-term results only.


Areas of Treatment

For men, it’s more specific than women, as they would need to shave little extra spots, those body parts that men seek permanent hair removal for include:

  • Chest
  • Back
  • Stomach
  • Neck
  • Groin
  • Backside
  • Between eyebrows
  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Forehead
  • Scalp
  • Bikini Line

Philips Lumea For Men 

Philips Lumea is suitable for men too. Actually, there is a specific new model for men. Although Philips Lumea is not suitable for men’s bread (because the bread is thick and coarse) and not suitable for the genital area. You can use Lumea for men on other body areas. The instructions are easy and you can do laser sessions by yourself at home. There are many Philips Lumea models that are suitable for men. Also, Philips developed models to meet men’s specific needs using IPL technology. 

We recommend Philips Lumea BG9041 for men is the best IPL device for personal use. It will help you enjoy smooth skin thanks to the IPL technology. It works by interrupting the hair growth cycle and destroying the hair follicle within time. Philips Lumea for men is safe, effective, and gentle on the skin. 

Philips Lumea BG9041 for men

Technical Specs

  1. Body treatment attachment: Window size: 4.1 cm2
  2. Underarm treatment attachment: Window size: 3cm2
  3. Application areas: Body areas, Sensitive areas, Underarm.
  4. Voltage: 100-240 V.
  5. Adapter: 19.5V / 4000mA.
  6. Items included: Instructions for use: User manual.
  7. Storage: Luxurious pouch.
  8. lamp: 250,000 flashes.

Our Testers Ratings

  • Performance: 3.5/5
  • Safety: 4/5
  • Ease of use: 3.5/5
  • Attachments: 2.5/5
  • Price: 4/5
Permanent hair removal for men

Is Philips Lumea Safe For Men? 

Yes. you can use Philips Lumea BG9041 for arms, armpit, shoulders, abdomen, legs, chest, and back. Moreover, Philips Lumea for men is suitable for your sensitive areas (except the scrotum).

As we surf through the FAQs men ask about permanent hair removal, we noticed questions on the use of IPL on Scrotum. we advise NOT to use any devices from Philips Lumea on scrotum AT ALL.

Can I use IPL on My Balls? 

Another question was frequently asked, “Can I use IPL on my Balls?” It’s a resounding NO. IPL is suitable for men’s pubis and the bikini line areas. However, you shouldn’t use IPL on your anus, inguinal, and testicular parts as these areas are very sensitive.


Permanent hair removal for men using IPL and laser treatments is the best choice for every man. It is not a female thing anymore. The hair removal industry is growing fast nowadays. Not only women but also men are very keen to use methods that give long-lasting results.

If your body hair is growing out of control, it is the right time to try laser and IPL personal kits. They will offer you the best solution for unwanted hair. Philips Lumea for men is much better than shaving. The results are smoother than a blade as you are eliminating the hairs before they appear on the skin.

We recommend acquiring the Philips Lumea BG9041 that’s made specifically for men. it’ll help you achieve the long-lasting hair removal results you’re seeking.

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