Best Philips Trimmers for Men 2023

Best Philips Trimmers for Men 2023

If you’re a man, you probably need to trim your facial hair fairly regularly. Perhaps you usually visit the barber to get this done, but you may have also considered buying an electric hair trimmer and doing it yourself. These days, it can be pretty hard to actually go out to a barbershop and have the work done for you; and besides, doing it yourself is a lot more economical.

For those who are considering buying a hair trimmer for personal use, the Philips trimmer product lineup might be particularly appealing. Philips manufactures a wide variety of electric hair trimmers, and no matter what your skill level in terms of self-trimming or your price range is, chances are Philips makes a hair trimmer that will suit your needs.

In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at several of the products in the Philips model range, and comparing their various features.

Our Tests on Philips Trimmers

There are many types of Philips trimmer available in the market, which come with different prices and features. Therefore, our team of experts decided to test the top Philips trimmers available and give you the best based on our experiences. We focused on a number of factors, the most important of which are quality, battery life, blades, and accessories.

You can fully trust the choices of our experts, as our team has experience in the field of hair removal for more than 5 years, and we have tested dozens of them over the past years. We also provide you with the benefits and drawbacks of each, prices, and provide comprehensive detailed reviews based on real experiences.

Hair Trimmer Buyer’s Guide

Before we get into our product reviews, however, we’d like to take a little time and quickly walk you through our electric hair trimmer buyer’s guide. If this is your first time buying such a trimmer, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you make your purchase.

Batteries versus Cords

Battery-powdered hair trimmers and cord-powered trimmers both have their distinct advantages. Battery-powered trimmers are obviously more portable and slightly more convenient to use, since you can shave wherever you want without having to be close to an electrical outlet. However, batteries obviously have a finite supply of power, and if you use your trimmer frequently then you’ll also have to charge it frequently. 

Cord-powered trimmers, on the other hand, are less portable and require an electrical outlet to function. However, cord-powered trimmers are usually more powerful than battery-powered ones, and you can run a cord-powered trimmer pretty much indefinitely without having to worry about it dying on you.

Blade Material

In most cases, electric trimmer blades are made from stainless steel. This material is perfectly suitable for casual users, and it’s less expensive than other blade materials, like ceramic for example.

However, the advantage of ceramic blades is that they’re more resistant to heat, and they don’t get hot as quickly during use. Professional barbers tend to prefer ceramic blades, since they usually have their trimmers running almost constantly throughout the day.

Unless your hair is particularly thick or you’re using your trimmer more than once a week, stainless steel blades should suit your needs just fine.

Blade Guards

If you’re attempting to style your hair or facial hair in any way, you’re going to want a hair trimmer that is compatible with a variety of blade guards. Luckily, most electric hair trimmers come with a set of at least a few different blade guards.

Blade guards can help you vary your cutting length with a great degree of accuracy, which is necessary for achieving good-looking fades along your hairline.

Adjustable Blades

Aside from coming with blade guards, many electric hair trimmers allow you to adjust the length of the blade itself. This makes it easier to trim a fade, and can also help prevent the blade from catching on your skin.

An adjustable blade is also handy if you want to make minute adjustments to the length of your trim without having to swap between different blade guards.

Philips Trimmers Product Reviews

Now that you know what to look for when buying a hair trimmer for the first time, let’s get into our product reviews. This is not the full extent of the Philips product lineup, but it is a good example of the variety they offer.

Philips Trimmer 9700

Philips Trimmers for Men

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The Philips 9700 is exclusively a beard trimmer, and it can be considered a top-of-the-line product in comparison with the rest of the Philips model lineup.

This trimmer is equipped with three shaving heads, which can each move in eight different directions. This allows the shaver to follow the contours of your face more closely, letting you trim your beard more closely and more quickly.

Despite the fact that this is a cordless trimmer, Philips claims that it’s as powerful as any cord-powered trimmer. The battery holds enough power for an hour’s worth of shaving, and charging the battery for 5 minutes gives you enough charge for one complete shave.

This trimmer also features adjustable shaving speeds, and a brush attachment that allows you to quickly clean your face after shaving.

Philips Trimmer 7750

Philips Norelco MG7750

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The Philips 7750 is an “all-in-one” trimmer that can be used to trim your beard, cut your hair, and deal with any other body hair you want to take care of.

This trimmer uses Philips’ “DualCut” technology; it contains two sets of blades that lightly rub against each other when in use. This helps keep them sharp, even after years of use. The blades are stainless steel as well, so they aren’t prone to rusting.

The 7750 comes with 14 different blade guards, as well as a few specialized trimming attachments. It’s also water-resistant, allowing you to easily clean this trimmer off under your faucet.

In addition, the battery can hold a maximum of 5 hours of charge, and you can also use this trimmer while it is plugged into an electrical outlet. 

Philips Trimmer 5500

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The Philips 5500 is essentially a more entry-level version of the 7750. It offers largely the same degree of functionality, but costs a bit less than the more high-end version.

This trimmer also features DualCut technology, to provide a close shave and to guarantee that your blades will last for a long time. It also features technology designed to lift up low-lying hairs and guide them toward the blades, meaning you can cut more hair at once with each pass of this trimmer.

The 5500 also features adjustable blades; the blades have a total of 40 length settings, which increase in 1/128” increments. This allows you to have an incredibly precise degree of control over the length of your trim.

The 5500 can be used with a cord, and its battery can support up to 90 minutes of shaving time when unplugged.

Philips Trimmer 3750

Norelco Philips MG3750 Multigroom All-In-One Series

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If you’re looking for an even more budget-friendly option than the 5500, the Philips 3750 may be just what you’re looking for.

The 3750 comes with 13 different attachments, which include a variety of blade guards and other accessories. While the trimmer itself is not washable, all of the blade guards and blade attachments are, which makes them easy to clean.

This trimmer comes with DualCut technology, and the battery can hold up to 1 hour of charge. You can also use this trimmer while it is plugged in, so we choose as one of best Philips trimmers.

Philips Trimmer 3100

Philips Norelco Electric shaver 3100

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The Philips 3100 is another trimmer exclusively for beards, and it’s essentially the entry-level version of the 9700 we previously reviewed.

The three shaving heads of this trimmer can each move in four directions, allowing you to shave all the contours of your face with relative ease. It also comes with an integrated pop-up trimmer, which lets you quickly shape up your mustache, trim your sideburns, and make sure that your beard lines are nice and crisp.

The shaving heads are easy to clean, as they’re simple to remove from the rest of the trimmer. The battery doesn’t have a very long life, however; it can only last for a maximum of 45 minutes, but you can use this shaver with a power cord if you need to.

Philips Trimmer 1700

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Perhaps you already have a beard/hair trimmer, and you’re looking for something with a more specialized function like a nose hair trimmer. Aside from the nose hair-trimming attachments you can get with some other hair trimmers, Philips also manufactures a standalone nose hair trimmer, the 1700.

This trimmer is built for trimming small, hard-to-reach areas. Aside from nose hairs, this trimmer is also adept at trimming ear hairs as well as eyebrows. It also comes with a 1/8” comb, to help you trim your eyebrows to a uniform length.

The blades are designed to prevent hair from getting caught in between the blades, meaning the 1700 will trim your hairs without yanking any of them out. 

Additionally, this trimmer is water-resistant, so you can easily clean it in your sink. It’s also cordless, and is powered by an AAA battery.

Philips Trimmer 1100

NORELCO Philips Bodygroom Series 1100

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On the other hand, if you need a trimmer for dealing with body hair, you’ll want to go with the Philips 1100. This trimmer is designed for trimming chest hair, armpit hair, and hair in other sensitive regions.

The 1100 can cut in two directions to a length of 1/64”. It’s best used on dry hair, but this trimmer is completely waterproof, so you can easily use it in the shower if you want.

The 1100 is powered by an AA battery, which should last you for about two months before it will need to be replaced.


If you’re in need of any kind of hair trimmer, then look no further than Philips trimmers . The company offers a wide variety of different hair trimmers; not matter what area of your body you want to trim or how much you’re willing to spend, Philips has something for you.

We hope we’ve been able to get you better acquainted with the model range of hair Philips trimmers ! If you’re interested in seeing what other products Philips offers, we’d suggest checking out the Philips store on Amazon.