Discovering the SmoothSkin Pure IPL Device, Tested 2023

Discovering the SmoothSkin Pure IPL Device, Tested 2023

We stumbled upon the SmoothSkin Pure IPL Hair Removal device, as we continue our quest to search for Philips Lumea competitors in the IPL Hair removal market.

This device outclasses nearly every other IPL device when compared in session speed, but the device also has other pros and positives to look at.

Our Testing on Smoothskin Pure IPL

Our team has great experience in reviewing and testing IPL home hair removal devices, we have tested smoothskin pure ipl in several aspects, the most important of which is efficiency in achieving results, speed, safety and ease of use, in order to ensure that we provide a complete review based on experiments carried out by experts in the field of hair removal.

What is SmoothSkin Pure IPL device?

Smoothskin Pure IPL is an IPL device that can produce noticeable results, but in a longer time scale.

It doesn’t excel at being economical like the Beamia or the Xsoul IPL devices, but it’s extremely skillful when testing the speed of the sessions you carry out with the device.

SmoothSkin Pure Skin Tone & Hair Color

It is safe to use the SmoothSkin Pure IPL Device on light to medium dark skin tones, however, do not use it for the darkest skin or on dark freckles and moles.

As for the Hair color, SmoothSkin Pure works on black, dark brown, mid-brown and dark blonde body hair colors, and doesn’t work on red, white or grey hair.

SmoothSkin Pure Benefits

Not just fast… One of The Fastest!

SmoothSkin Pure is one of the fastest IPL Hair removal devices in the market nowadays, you may be wondering: “How So? What makes it that fast?”

The answer is simple, SmoothSkin Pure flashes 130 times per minute, that’s more than twice per second.

This results in carrying out faster sessions, as a full body treatment could take from 20-25 minutes max.

Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Imagine you’re a first timer, and you want to try this device, but you have sensitive skin.

First, you may be skeptical, will it hurt my skin? is it as safe as I need it to be? How much does it hurt?

SmoothSkin solves such dilemma, it’s perfectly safe for sensitive skin, and your first experience with it shall be decently good when you follow the instructions.

Skin tone detector

You don’t need to keep on testing the device on your skin to find the right power levels, it’s automated to keep you safe, and keep the device as effective as it can be.

SmoothSkin Pure has an integrated automatic skin tone detector, that checks your skin before firing a flash.

Various Power Settings

SmoothSkin Pure enjoys 3 different power settings, that vary to suit your different body parts’ needs.

It has “Powerful,” “Gentle,” and “Speedy” power settings, and you can choose whatever convenient setting you prefer.


The SmoothSkin Pure is a popular device worldwide, and since the start of 2021, the demand on the device has gotten up & down.

However, it has taken a steady step towards the end of that year, as thousands of potential customers search for information and prices for the product on monthly basis.

Complicated Manual

Did you think that we’ll only be talking about positive here? because we’re not.

Many customers reported that the manual wasn’t easy to read or comprehend, and the instructions detailed in it do not serve the purpose of making their experience easier.

Static Design

It’s always preferred to have a gun-shaped IPL device instead of a normal tube-like design for those at home devices.

Such static design could also hurt the customer experience, as access to certain angles or body parts can be easier by gun-shaped devices.

No Special Attachments

At the price this device is normally sold, it should have special attachments specializing at treating certain body parts.

However, there isn’t, which results in treating the whole body with the same internal head attached to the device.

SmoothSkin Pure Pros & Cons

To conclude the features’ section, here are the Pros & Cons of SmoothSkin Pure IPL:


  • Fast Sessions
  • Perfect for Sensitive Skin
  • Automated Skin Tone Detector
  • Popular


  • Static Design
  • Corded Only
  • Complicated Manual
  • No Attachments or Additional Equipment

Our Testers Ratings

  • Power: 2.5/5
  • Flashes: 4.5/5
  • Attachments: 2/5
  • Results: 2.5/5
  • Price: 4/5
  • More Options: 3/5
  • Easy of use: 3/5
  • Speed: 4.5/5

SmoothSkin Pure IPL Price

The price of SmoothSkin Pure IPL hair removal device is 300-350$ depending on the market you’ll purchase it from.

This isn’t considered neither economical nor expensive, it’s an average price for IPL devices, you just have to weight the pros & cons before deciding to obtain any IPL device.

SmoothSkin Pure IPL Hair Removal Device

Sarah Randal

Overall Score


SmoothSkin Pure IPL Hair Removal Device is one of the fastest IPL devices on the market based on our test, and this has served the device heavily leading to his high rating.
However, it’s neither expensive nor economical, which will make you consider other options before comparing it to other IPL devices, or obtaining it yourself.


Technical Specs of SmoothSkin Pure FIT

  • Treatment Settings: 3 modes: Power, Gentle, or Speed
  • Attachments: Precision Head included for treating facial or intimate areas.
  • Dimensions: 7.28 x 2.56 x 1.57 inches; 2.62 Pounds.
  • Corded or Cordless: Cordless
  • Flashes: Unlimited (according to the manufacturer.

Customer Reviews for SmoothSkin Pure IPL Device

Want to know the best and worst reviews of the device? I got you covered. A single review showed us both sides of the device.

Hayley from the UK posted a review on September 2021, rating the product 3/5, and this is her review:

“I have had 2 previous SmoothSkin hair removal devices until the flashes ran out. They seemed much more effective than this one despite this one claiming to be more powerful. I’m just thankful it’s got unlimited flashes, but what is better is the speed of the flashes.”

This indicates that the speed of flashes may have affected the power of the device, however, she still has 1 negative comment about the device:

“A negative is the air vent is on the underneath so when you put it down it blocks the vent so I had to keep remembering to lay the device on its back so it didn’t overheat.”

It’s very important to check for overheating, it’s the main cause of errors in any IPL device, and Hayley here made sure she follows the right procedure to avoid it.

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SmoothSkin Pure Vs Philips Lumea 9000

Here is a comparison of philips lumea vs smoothskin so that you can understand the difference between them further

 SmoothSkin Pure IPL Hair RemovalPhilips Lumea 9000
FlashesUnlimited450,000 Flashes
Corded/CordlessCorded OnlyBoth
Session SpeedFastFast
Full Treatment SpeedFastFast
AttachmentsNo Attachments
No Additional Equipment
4 Attachments suiting different body parts
Philips Lumea 9000 Series BRI958
Lumea 9000 Series BRI958

Philips Lumea 9000 Series (BRI958, BRI957, BRI955) is fast and considered the best solution to remove hair at home with ease and safety. Compare Philips Lumea 9000 to any hair removal device and it will never disappoint you. It uses the latest hair removal technology in the world.

With 4 smart attachments for the body and face specially designed to perfectly fit the curves of your body. It also has the smartSkin and SenseIQ technology features and 450,000 flashes, equivalent to 39 years of lifetime.

FAQ on SmoothSkin Pure IPL


SmoothSkin Pure IPL Hair Removal Device is one of the fastest IPL hair removal devices ever, it can finish up a full body treatment in 20-25 minutes max.

It enjoys a decent price of 300-350$, which is considerably normal for IPL devices, not expensive nor economical.