Laser Hair Removal For Men, Tested & Reviewed

Laser Hair Removal For Men, Tested & Reviewed

laser hair removal for men: what is its cost? Can men get Brazilian laser hair removal? And how long does laser therapy last? Permanent hair removal for men is not a dream anymore. Find out more information about laser for men best options based on our expert team tests.

Men and women suffer from excess hair problems. Unwanted hair might appear on your arms, legs, public areas and armpits. Some men don’t like excess hair everywhere. Laser hair removal for public area increases your self-confidence. Perfect skin look will make you feel more attractive and more desirable. 

Our Testing on Philips Lumea for Men

Men’s skin is thicker than women’s skin, due to several biological factors. Although all versions of the Philips Lumea home laser can be used for men as well, there is a model dedicated to men only, which is BG9041, which was made to fully suit the nature of men’s skin.

The Philips Lumea team of experts tested the device from several aspects such as safety, speed, and efficiency in hair removal and the number of flashes. We also tried all the features, benefits and drawbacks of the device to be able to provide a comprehensive and accurate review based on a real and impartial experience.

Laser Therapy For Perfect Skin Touch

Both laser and IPL technologies are effective for permanent hair removal. The most used laser types are effective on brown, dark blonde and average skin colors. At the same time, certain laser types are effective on dark and light skin such as Diode and Nd-Yag. You need to make sure that the light intensity used is suitable for your skin tone and hair color.

This is very important to help you avoid skin discoloration. Laser hair removal options are improving every day. Philips lumea kits are amazing as each kit can detect the right setting for your skin tone and hair color. At salons, if the technician is not qualified enough to use laser, you might get skin burns and scars permanently.

In general, Philips lumea kits are safer than salons. Personal kits are designed for home use with a lower power setting. Philips laser hair removal men kit is gentle on the skin making laser experience easier to receive.

How Must Does Laser Hair Removal For Men Cost?

The cost of laser hair removal for men varies according to the area you are going to treat. In general, a laser hair removal session for men is from $150 to $500 depending on the area you are going to treat.

Many factors affect the pricing rates for professional treatment like your hormones, aging and the area you are treating. For the best laser hair removal results, you have to complete your laser therapy cost.

The professional laser is performed every four to five weeks until the hair follicles are destroyed effectively. As a bonus, you won’t suffer from ingrown hairs anymore. From the first laser session, you will notice a real difference. See best Philips lumea kits and available discounts.

Why Most Men Use Laser Hair Removal?

Here are some reasons for getting laser hair removal or IPL hair removal at home:

Excess body hair:

At home Laser hair removal is a great option to keep your skin hair-free without shaving daily. You can apply laser on your chest, back and stomach safely. Some men use the laser to thin out their chest hair.

It is your own choice. You can use laser therapy for permanent hair removal or just for thinning out your body hair. Men consider laser treatment as one of the best ways to feel more confident in their skin.


It is not true that excess hair is less hygienic thin. But many guys find that having hair-free skin helps them relieve skin irritation. There are more than 40% of men use laser hair removal methods for overcoming itchy problems. Also, laser hair removal at home is more hygienic than doing it at clinics. 

Easier Facial Grooming and Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hair is a serious problem for every man who cares about his skin. The best way to avoid swelling and inflammation is preventing the ingrown hairs from the beginning. Laser hair removal can help people who have recurrent folliculitis.

Shaving and waxing methods are harmful to the skin. Even some people have very sensitive skin and don’t tolerate such methods. Men who tried laser hair removal always compared the pain to a pinprick or a rubber band snap.

At the same time, it is less painful compared to waxing. note that facial hair removal for men can’t be done using Philips lumea as it is only for body hair removal for men while women can use it for body and face. 

Laser Hair Removal for Men’s Privates or Public Area

Philips Lumea For Men

Philips Lumea can be used for men. You can use Philips Lumea BRI956 or Philips Lumea BG9041 for Men or any other model for most body areas. Although you can’t use it on bread because the hair is thick and not very affected by the laser. You should not use it on the genital area and the anus. 

Philips Lumea BG9041 for Men

You don’t have to pay much money on laser thanks to Philips lumea affordable prices. Philips lumea Prestige for men uses IPL technology to make your skin hairless. It is the best permanent hair removal kit for men.

The IPL technology affects the hair growth cycle and reduces hair growth from the first session. It is safe to use on your arms, armpits, your shoulder, and abdomen. You can also use Philips lumea BG9041 on light and dark skin types and for dark blonde, brown color, and back hair.


  1. Suitable to remove hair for light to dark skin types. With dark blonde, brown & black hair.
  2. 250,000 flashes that last for a long time
  3. 5 light intensity settings, you can choose the appropriate one for your skin.
  4. Intelligent skin tone sensor automatically adjusts based on your skin tone.
  5.  Can be used on the arms, applicated under the armpits, on the shoulders, on the abdomen and back as well as in the pubic area.
  6. Comes with 2 custom attachments, one for each body.
  7. For corded and cordless use.


  1. It does not have a higher number of flashes.
  2. It is not FDA approved.
  3. Only 2 attachments.

Technical Specs

  1. Body treatment attachment: Window size: 4.1 cm2
  2. Underarm treatment attachment: Window size: 3cm2
  3. Application areas: Body areas, Sensitive areas, Underarm.
  4. Voltage: 100-240 V.
  5. Adapter: 19.5V / 4000mA.
  6. Items included: Instructions for use: User manual.
  7. Storage: Luxurious pouch.
  8. lamp: 250,000 flashes.

Our Testers Ratings

  • Performance: 3.5/5
  • Safety: 4/5
  • Ease of use: 3.5/5
  • Attachments: 2.5/5
  • Price: 4/5

Philips Lumea Prestige for Men BRI958


This kit is amazing thanks to the versatile design. The IPL technology used is derived from IPL professional machine, which works best based on our tests for getting long-lasting results on most body areas.

Benefits :

  • Comes with smartskin sensor
  • Integrated UV filter
  • The large treatment window for fast hair removal
  • Wireless kit
  • Comes with 4 attachments, storing case and power adapter
  • Suitable for light to dark skin types. With dark blonde, brown & black hair
  • 450,000 flases.
  • Suitable for back and full body hair removal for men (except face).


  • Not FDA-approved.
  • Battery life is short.

Our Testers Ratings

  • Performance: 5/5
  • Safety: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 4.5/5
  • Attachments: 5/5
  • Price: 3/5

What Is Included?

  1. IPL hair remover
  2. power supply
  3. storage bag
  4. 4 attachment

You can use your Philips kit on most skin areas including public area hair removal. You can repeat your IPL treatment every 4 to 8 weeks to maintain your results. Let the device determine the right light intensity for your skin type.

The skin tone sensor will detect the right power setting for your skin tone and hair color safely and effectively to maximize your benefits of the treatment.

Can Men Get Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

IPL hair removal procedures are common since 2009. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Laser hair removal for men’s pubic area is very trendy. Brazilian hair removal is a popular treatment, especially for women and men.

It is more expensive than bikini line treatment if you are thinking about full public area hair removal. Some people like to remove a thin strip of hair before the genitals, it is up to you.

After treating an area using laser, the hairs will fall out within ten to 15 days. You can apply a mild sugar scrub during the shower on the 10 day to exfoliate the area you are treating.

While it might take years to perform effective electrolysis treatment, laser hair removal sessions are fewer. Laser hair removal results are long-lasting and the sessions last for less than 2 hours.

You can use laser therapy for removing the back, shoulder, arms and chest body hair. If your hair color is light, the laser will be less effective on the hair. Check laser hair removal before & after reviews of Philips Lumea

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last For Men?

Brazilian laser hair removal results for men last for a very long time. Permanent hair removal for men can be easily achieved if you followed the treatment plan according to your skin tone and hair color.

Philips Lumea for men is loved by all men who tried it, and it actually works! The laser sessions are less than 30 minutes for each treatment. Laser treatment works best for people who have light skin and dark hair color.

It is not very effective on very light hair and white hair. Laser options use intense pulsed light to target and destroy the dark pigment in the hair. Laser therapy is very effective on dark skin. If you are worried about skin discoloration, consult your doctor first. He will tell you if it is safe for you to apply a laser or not. In general, skin discoloration during laser therapy is usually temporary and doesn’t last for a long time.

Brazilian IPL hair removal for men is generally safe and doesn’t affect the genitals. The laser light is directed to the skin. It only targets unwanted hair by destroying the hair follicles.

The laser light is more effective on people who have dark hair color and light skin tone. Under the skin, the laser light reaches the roots of the hair preventing the hair’s ability to regrow.

At first, you will notice that the hair grows back thinner and fewer in number. After that, you will get semi-permanent results. Even the hair which grows back will be finer and not even seen by the naked eye. You have to maintain your results by applying laser therapy monthly or twice every month until you get the perfect results you are looking for. Find more about laser hair removal cost 

How Many Laser Treatments Does It Take To Remove Back Hair?

The number of sessions needed for hair removal varies according to the area and the thickness of the unwanted hair. Roughly laser treatment maybe 30 minutes or more than 8 laser hair removal sessions.

Philips Lumea models can remove your back hair in just 30 minutes! You can use personal kits for removing chest and stomach in only 10 to 15 minutes. All Philips Lumea kits are amazing for most body areas.

However, we don’t recommend using Philips Lumea for men on your bread or face in general. The hormonal nature of your body might interfere with removing your facial hair. You have to consult your doctor first before having facial hair removal. Read more about underarm laser hair removal

Philips lumea for men is very gentle on the skin. The smart skin sensor on Philips kits will minimize discomfort during laser sessions. You can remove all unwanted hair quickly without any pain.

How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Whether you are thinking about using Philips Lumea kits or getting professional hair removal at the salon, there are certain things you need to do first. These precautions will help you achieve the desired results and get the most of your treatment plan without side effects.

  • Avoid tanning your body before your laser session
  • If you take medications, make sure they don’t interfere with laser therapy
  • Clean your skin before applying laser therapy. Don’t put any lotions, skin care creams or deodorant before the treatment. You can only apply laser on natural skin.
  • Trim the hair of the area you are going to treat before laser therapy. This will ensure that the laser is reaching the roots of the hair follicles.
  • Choose the right energy setting for your skin. Philips Lumea for men kit does this automatically. Don’t worry, you won’t suffer from skin burns thanks to the adjustable energy settings.
  • Drink enough amount of water before your laser treatment. we suggest drinking enough water 4 to 5 hours before laser therapy to minimize pain.
  • For treating large areas of your skin, you might need applying a numbing cream. It will reduce the pain so you can finish full body hair removal without feeling discomfort. Most people don’t apply creams. If you suffered from serious pain, you have to apply the numbing cream or take rests during your treatment. 

How Can Laser Hair Removal Help Athletes?

Yes, of course. Many famous athletes had laser hair removal for the body so that their skin always appears hair-free. If you are an athlete and thinking about removing unwanted hair for life, you should use Philips for men kit.

You won’t need to shave and prepare your body before competitions anymore! Also, it will save your money, effort and improve your overall health. Laser hair removal treatment will eradicate any risks from getting infections in lockers. Laser bypasses the epidermis layer so it won’t cause damage to the skin. At the same time, laser activates the collagen and improve the overall health. also, check laser hair removal reviews.

Laser hair removal Vs Philips IPL hair removal for men

After knowing more details about the IPL hair removal for men by the Philips Lumia service devices and the laser removal of hair at clinics, let’s compare between the two options to help you choose the best for you.

In terms of cost:

-Laser hair removal treatment is only suitable to be done in salons, clinics, and laser centers. This can be pretty pricey as mentioned before. A single session would cost typically about 200£ in the UK for a lower part of the leg.

You will usually need about 8 sessions or more and the prices will add up. Usually, getting permanent hair-free laser hair removal legs cost more than a 1000£. Electrolysis hair removal will cost even more in terms of time and money.

-On the other hand, A fully functioning IPL home device will cost you about 400£. Philips Lumia price is a lot less more than laser hair removal. The Philips device will last for a very long time, as it is designed to work for about 20 years. You will be making a great investment for the future. After using the device for the first few sessions you will use it only once every few months.

In terms of privacy:

-Laser hair removal usually involves going to separate sessions in clinics or centers. This process will not involve complete privacy as you need to expose the areas of skin you are treating.

Laser hair removal at home using the Philips IPL devices is not the same. You will have complete privacy doing the sessions in your home. You will choose the time suitable for you and you will save yourself more time.

In conclusion, this comparison is likely not going in favor of laser hair removal centers. We think that the Philips Lumia devices offer an amazing experience in terms of cost, privacy, and time consumed.

Laser treatment is a better choice for people who have an open budget plan for hair removal. If price is not an issue then it is an excellent choice for you. 

Unfortunately, this is not the case for most of us where the money matters. You can get a nearly permanent hair removal with some sessions every few months then the IPL devices are the best for you. Smooth skin lasts for months and the device should work fine for a very long time for a reasonable price.

The deviceBG9041 BRI958
Attachments2 (Body, Underarm)4 (Body, Face, Bikini, Underarm)


Laser hair removal men best kit is Philips lumea BG9041. At the same time, other Philips lumea kits are suitable for women and men. we recommend this model specifically as it comes with 250,000 flashes, 5 light intensity settings, and an intelligent skin tone sensor.

Can you imagine that this model price is cheaper than laser back hair removal cost? If you are worried about skin reactions and inflammation, you should try this model. It comes with all protective features and designed in high quality from a trusted name. See our full reviews of best Philips Lumea models for women and men.

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